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"Vertikal" moved to beginning of twentieth century

"Vertikal" moved to beginning of twentieth century

July 9, 2019 Consulting company "Vertikal" has moved to center of Moscow, in a detached building, located in street of St. Sergius of Radonezh in building 7 building 5. This apartment house of 1908, built on an individual project by architect Karl Kaiser and rebuilt in 1917, shortly before October revolution. Karl Karlovich Kaiser in early twentieth century had a private practice of building in Moscow. In addition to ensemble of buildings on street of St. Sergius of Radonezh, he also erected a gymnasium on Nikitsky Boulevard house 13 in 1910, and also apartment houses on street Shchepkina in house 3 in 1912, in house and 18 in 1910.

apartment house is already being built that premises leased for housing. owners of these institutions regularly filled up city budget at expense of income from rental.

In Moscow apartment houses early XX century, built in art Nouveau style, primarily designed as neo-classical or porusski manner. building of Sergius of Radonezh in building 7 building 5 was constructed in neoclassical style.

style of Neoclassicism had an impact on new purpose of building. House of Carl Kaiser will retain continuity of purpose in XXI century.

"preservation of traditions, attention to specificities of each project, taking into account influence of historical and social perspectives of development – all this characterizes an integrated approach is main principle of Consulting company "Vertikal", – said General Director of Consulting Vertikal Svetlana shaydullina. – Start space in its form and essence of project at beginning of last century, allows to harmoniously combine best of what we brought us twentieth century – focus on people and attention to world. economic effect of such projects is always much exceeds competition".

Consulting group "Vertikal" provides consulting services in accounting, arbitration, corporate and tax law, provides legal assistance and support in field of real estate and construction, is responsible for administrative regulation of business and mitigation of processes of bankruptcy and liquidation of companies. "Vertikal" takes 5th place in rating of information-publishing center "Auditor" in field of outsourced accounting and consulting CFO. liability of company for provision of professional services is insured for 50 million rubles. According to Rosstat, at end of 2017, assets of GK "Vertikal" amounted to 132 million rubles, and revenues in 2017 229 million.

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